Dead Meets Lead

Dead Meets Lead

Diablo-like zombie survival game

Dead Meets Lead is a free to play zombie survival role playing game. View full description


  • Good graphics
  • Fun gameplay
  • Challenging


  • Development has been discontinued
  • No co-op or multiplayer

Very good

Dead Meets Lead is a free to play zombie survival role playing game.

Your character is alone, stranded on an island after his crew was infected by a zombie virus. Battle your way past your dead crew members to find the story and cure for the zombie virus.

Dead Meets Lead is a simple game with a simple battle system. You will carry two weapons: a melee and ranged weapon like a sword and rifle. Work your way around levels by battling hordes of zombies who want to rip you apart. The combo system of Dead Meets Lead is intuitive. You fill up your "rage" meter by killing more and more zombies. You can perform a "slam" attack by clicking the right mouse button, which deals massive damage while stunning enemies around you.

The game play in Dead Meets Lead may become boring after a while, as you find yourself hacking and slashing the same type of enemies over and over again. If you're a fan of dungeon crawling games like Diablo III, then Dead Meets Lead may appeal to you, though Diablo has more variation.

Graphics are good, but not amazing. The game runs smoothly, even on older hardware. Unfortunately there's no co-op or multiplayer mode so Dead Meets Lead is a solitary affair.

Overall, Dead Meets Lead is a fun game with a compelling battle system but some players may tire of its repetitive gameplay.

Dead Meets Lead


Dead Meets Lead